Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Call Me Names

It's been a childhood dream to change my name to something shorter. Oh, not just as a child, I always dream of changing my name. In fact, every time that I am asked to tell them something about myself, I always tell them that if given a chance or if it is possible, I want my name to change my name to something girly. For one, I really wanted to follow the MARIA of my mother's name. 

Alexzandria Garnett is one of my girl dream names. I got this name from Final Fantasy IX. It's a game, a role playing game. This game happened in Alexandria and one of the most lovable character there is Garnett--the princess.

If I were a boy, I 'd like my name to be... Aethan Rafael. It is so masculine, sounds so good and and so unique. If I have that name and someone will call me, it feels like, I'm brave, a strong and knight in shining armor.

If I could choose my name... but I couldn't and I wouldn't because it's a gift to me. My name is precious and as I grow older, through the years I learned to love and treasure it. I know my name now is the sweetest word ever said, especially, when it is heard by my parents. Anyway, my dream names are not wasted... I will name them to my future children. 

love, now and always, 

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