Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beyond Habits

Old Habits Die Hard.

I should’ve started this post with a disclaimer asking you, the reader, to leave if you don’t want to look at habits after this post. But...


When I look at your way, smiled… and did it again the next day, is it a habit? When I think about you tonight and start to think about you every single night after… is it a habit?  When I do things over and over again, does it become a habit? Or does it become a part of who I am?

Experts says 95% of what we do are habits. The same routes, same food, same ways, same style, same colors… it's a life full of habits. Is it okay? Habits helps us do our every day routine naturally, normally. But when we do things out of habits, aren’t we giving up the control of our lives? We are… right? 

We no longer take things carefully and we associate all that things we habitually do are good. But some habits may turn out bad for the doer eventually. Not only that it becomes bad, same way it also cage us, limits us and makes us do what we always done and never let us learn and grow. 

Truly habits are very powerful… either it slaves you or gives you force. Start developing good habits from now on or changing bad habits to good ones! Physiologists widely accept that IT TAKES ABOUT 28 DAYS TO CHANGE A HABIT.

But remember, 28 days come and go, only can challenge yourself to make a change. 

love, now and always, 

PS: Is love nothing more than just a habit? Do we love just because we get used to?  So does this mean now, “no sparks needed, we can all learn to love”? 

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