Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Work x World = Worlk

Usually, I begin my work with coffee. But when JR (my partner) left, drinking coffee isn’t a part of morning’s routine.

This is how I start my day at work: opening emails, logging in to my messenger, skimming FB, posting at least one twitter update, checking my phones, answering messages, reviewing TO DO list, and listing new TO DO list for the next day.
My busy, I mean messy, desk
After my morning rituals, I begin with the real work—usually after 9:00am.

The Content Developer

The Job: Developing contents for CD-ROMs

Developing contents for CD-ROMs are of two things—hard and very hard. If you think that it’s easy for me because I love writing, please run as fast as you can because I’ll kick your face in any moment.

What I do is hard but I think manageable. Developing contents usually begins with browsing the manuscript. If the coordinator is helpful—meaning he/she will provide the outline, suggest activities, etc—writing the script will be easy.

After choosing the lessons, I’ll start writing the concept for activities. This step is easy to write but needs a lot of researching. I have to review the lesson and lookout for interactive activities that will match the lesson—I’m lucky if I can find something on the internet but if not I have to invent a game for it.

After researching, my supervisor, the programmer and I, will talk about the suggested activities. We will make sure that what I suggested matches the lesson and won’t give us a hard time in programming and checking.

When there are no revisions, I’ll start writing the scripts. Grades 1, 2 and 3 are easier for, most of the time, they only need 5 items and 2 choices per lesson while Grades 4, 5 and 6 demands  10 items with 3-4 choices per level with harder contents.

After writing the scripts, I’ll have my supervisor, subject coordinator and subject evaluator/consultant, check it: grammar, content, and if it matches the needed learning competencies. We can’t move on to this step until the script is perfect.

When there is no more revision with the step, the production part comes in. the programmer will start designing and coding the interactive activities. My job isn’t done yet, apart from writing, I also assist during the production of the CR-ROM: recording, shooting, checking, etc.

The Voice Talent

The Voice Talent

9 out of the 10 people I talked to on the phone told me that I have a beautiful voice. The sad part is when they ask me to sing, their fantasy ends. I never thought, never even in dreams, that I can be a voice talent.

with Voice Coach
with Sound Tech

Ready? Anytime...
Yes, I also do recordings for our CD-ROMs. Call me… all around. But of all the things I do here, apart from writing, it’s recording that I love the most! It’s such a refresher, reliever, relaxation…

Just last time, I recorded the directions for the e-learning activities.

love, now and always,

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