Sunday, September 05, 2010


I’ve been planning to change my [dot] com status and I know, in the coming days, I will start to work my way to more hits. That means—one day or another, you will read this blog.
It scares me. You will read me. Yes, I wrote you cheesy notes on post it, sent a hundred of mushy text messages to your phone, and gave you love letters. Those things are for you, written and meant for you.
I’m not scared for any grammatical error, contradicting view, or false post you may find. I’m scared, just scared, that the most important person in this world for me right now will whine...

“You never talked about me in your blog. BUT the others who broke your heart gets a post.”

And I’m scared that... that you will think you are not in any way special because YOU ARE.
And If I haven’t posted a thing for you, just think about this...
I cannot put how I feel into words and whenever I try to write a thing about you... it always brings me to another space and time, paints a smile to my face and the next thing I know—I’m not writing—I’m living, living and loving you.

love, now and always,

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