Monday, September 13, 2010

Stupid Things You Can Probably Do...

Have you ever tried to impress someone with a stupid trick?

Me? Yes, always guilty of it.

I often show this trick during family reunions and get-togethers. My aunts and uncles always request me to do my 3 popular tricks…

1. Make my hands swim like a fish
2. Bend my tongue sides downwards
3. Move my left toe pinky

Of my 3 tricks, the one that really sells like hotcake is the bend tongue trick because, normally, people can bend the sides of their tongue upwards.

What better way to get your spot to ten minutes of fame than to show off some stupid stick? Well, if you want some spotlight… you have to work hard for it. Practice makes perfect, I believe. And, REMEMBER, every stupid trick impresses and WOAHHHs an individual.

Here are some of the stupid tricks people can do:

Flipping Eyelids Inside Out
Touch your nose or chin with your tongue
Wrapping Your Legs To Your Neck
Touch your nose or chin with your tongue
Raise One Eyebrow
Lick the Elbow
Twitching the Nose (like how Samantha from Bewitched does it)
Sneeze With Your Eyes Open
Ttickle Yourself
Lift Your Ring Finger When Your Middle Finger is Bent on the Table
Draw A Number Six While Moving Your Leg in Clockwise Circles
Crossing the  Eyes


love, now and always,

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