Friday, September 24, 2010

Newspapers in 3D

Several years ago in a Journalism school I went to, the question: “if whether or not the traditional newspapers will die in the future and will be replaced by online newspapers” is a favorite topic. Budding journalists would even debate hours about it and we will all settle with the obvious, “Traditional newspapers will not die. The readership of online newspapers is different from the readers of the traditional one. It will not die. Perhaps, in natural death a century from now or in time when trees were all cut down.”

When asked about the future of newspapers, not in my crazy mind came that newspapers will be in 3D. Today, The Nation’s Leading Newspaper, Manila Bulletin goes to the next level of publishing newspaper in 3d. Yes, 3D.

3D or three-dimensional effects trace back its history as early as in 1964. Now in the modern times, 3D is always coined with movies, stickers, interactive games, etc. but never in newspaper.

Enjoy newspapers in an entirely new level.
Experience newspaper in a way you never did before.
Your newsprint in a new dimension…

Manila Bulletin’s ground-breaking 3d edition first issue is now available in all newsstands across the Philippine islands. Get hold of a copy now!

Here are some of the Snapshots of Todays' paper:

Thinking way back, who would have thought that newspapers could come in 3D? And makes me think even more… After 3D, what’s next?

How to make 3D glasses:

Things You'll Need: Posterboard(card board), Red and Cyan(blue)Cellophane wrap, and Glue, OR Cheap pair of sunglasses(you are not using), Red and Blue Sharpe Marker Sheet of clear sturdy plastic (like a piece of transparency) and Scissors


There are 2 ways to make 3D glasses. You can decide which method would be easiest and most cost effective for you.

  1. The first way seems like the cheapest way but the items needed to make the glasses this way may not be things laying around the house. First print out a template for the glasses at
    After you cut out the template cut your cellophane to fit the holes in the glasses. Make sure you place the red cellophane on the left eye and the blue on the right. You can either glue or tape the cellophane in place. You are now ready to use your glasses. If you want to make a more sturdy pair just cut out another poster board template and glue it to the another template covering the taped or glued cellophane side. 
  1. Another way you can make 3D glasses is to find an old pair of sunglasses. Pop out the lenses. Get a sturdy piece of clear plastic and place the lenses on the sheet and use it as a template, draw a line around the lens and then cut the new plastic lens out. Place the lens back into the sunglasses frame. Color the left lens red with a marker and the right eye blue. You now are ready to watch 3D TV

love, now and always,

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