Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nearing 100 posts….

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From a blog that endlessly feature my rants, whines and sentiments, it matured to something more. I believe most of my contents now are helpful, not just for the suicidos. It’s still emo most of the time but, as you see, I’m trying to improve it by sharing movie previews and reviews, free stuffs, events happening, cool products and the likes.
I have a big plan for this blog but it wouldn’t happen anytime soon, prolly in one or two years.

So… After 100 post what will happen?

The blog will still look the same. Yes. Pink.  At least, 3 post/update every week.
And a solemn promise of more important and substantial updates.

What I’ll be posting and the all new sections / categories of my Blog…

-         Spoiling you with 4 to 8 movie reviews or previews every month for your guilty movie pleasures.

Be there…
-         Buy yourself a planner!  Tons of events.. SSS: Shows, Sales, Scenes. I will log event highlights of the month here that you can’t just resist to BE THERE!

-         The best things in life are free. All the free stuff coming your way posted on zupermia.com! Oh not just the free stuff, I will also share all the BIG-BIG discounts across the nation.

Warp Portal
-         Warp Portal is a term from Ragnarok Online—it’s something where you enter brings you to another place.
In the Warp Portal section of my blog, I will feature different places that you can check out on your next travel… BTW, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the vacation type things like beaches and spots, I think what I’ll feature are more onto the unexplored places in the Philippines!

I am ZUPER, you are ZUPER
-         I bet this will be a cute section. If my blog ever gets popular, this section will turn you into an instant celebrity. Kidding aside, what I’ll do in the ‘I am ZUPER, you are ZUPER’ section of my site is to feature someone, yes—a person, in my blog. He/she will be the ZUPER person of the week. Basically, it’s like the autograph type thing to get to know that person. Plus, the person gets to promote his/her blog, fb, website, business, etc. Yes! This is all about exposure and stardom. lol.

So… these are the latest addition to my site. Still an outlet of my rants, whines and sentiments with just a lil transformation and hopefully, we’ll all get used to it along the way. Good Times…(just like how Mo says it.)

love, now and always,

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