Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Man Made

I can’t swim. I can’t play chess. I can’t sing. I can’t draw. I suck at dancing. I actually suck with any kind of ball sports. I often mispronounce words. I usually miss my turn and stop when driving.

These are some of the things I can’t...

But there are also things I believe I took the spotlight...

Like making you smile. Inventing a new dessert, sweet yet sugar free. Transforming your super bad mood to happiness and bliss.

I'm also a good stalker, observer, lover. Omit the last word.

Every man is made equal.

1 out of the 10 people I've met told me they hate essay or writing. 1 out of the 10 people I knew treated me like a God, when they discovered I'm a writer. 1 out of the people I knew thinks a writer is a person who knows everything and is very very geek. YAY!

Sorry to these '1 out of 10 people'--I'm imperfect.

I don't know how to play chess, ride a bike and swim a river. Most of the time, it takes me a century to solve a real hard math problem. There are a lot of things I can't...

Man Made Equal

There are things I do better than the rest but that doesn't make me any perfect. We are diamonds, of different cuts, of different shades, shapes and sizes, and definitely, we shine on our way.

Writing is where I'm good at. 

But you have your own spot in the light too. You may not know it on the spur of the moment. But one day, someday, that spot will shine itself to fame.

love, now and always,

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