Friday, September 17, 2010

Falling Down

Getting ready for another day to work. But today's got a new twist, there's no electricity. Usually, during blackouts, I would grab a flashlight to guide my way down our very dangerous stairs. Define dangerous... only one holding bars/guide plus the other is left open and the stairs is very high and tricky too--as if asking you to fall down all the time. 

With no flashlight to grab, I went down the stairs. With just 5 steps to go, I fell down--counting 3 steps down. I felt something painful, not on my behind but something on my left leg. I managed to go upstairs again and cry there. After awhile of crying, I went down again to get ready for work. I went down, very careful this time, took a shower, brush, get dress, and left for work. 

My left leg is still in pain but it's something I can endure. I thought it was something that I can move on in awhile. But after working the whole day, my leg started to shout its pain and worst, bending the knee became very painful. And the next thing, I knew my left leg and knee were swollen.

Mom decided to pick me up and bring me to the hospital the next day. I first opposed saying, "Three steps lang naman. Hilot nalang." But like how all mothers would deal with the situation plus Mom was unstoppable... hello hospital slash orthopedic. 

I think about 20 people are standing in line for the x-ray or consultation. But when we arrived, Mom went straight to the x-ray room and pulled me there. (How can she do that? We never fell in any line whenever we visit a doctor.)
"Remove your bandage, lie down." She said, I mean she dictated me. My Mom is very sweet but today's one of the days that I know she can start a revolution on her own. 

They did 4 scans to my left leg and knee. After the x-ray, The doctor looked at my knee. It took him 10 minutes to stare. He advised me to stop using the bandage. OK. When the x-ray film was done, he looked at it and took him an hour or so to figure out. From time to time, he would stare at the x-ray, then on my knee. Sometimes he would touch my knee a little bit and type something on his computer, as if he is researching.

I didn't panic, mom did. The doctor gave a one deep exhale and told us, 
"You will feel severe pain in your left knee and leg. Your bone is abnormal, but normal to you. (I remember a Doctor from Mla Docs' said that to me before. It's just a sprain but with the kind of bone you have... Recovery would be 3 to 4 weeks. Stay away from exercises that deals with the lower body, don't walk or run heavily. Don't wear heels. And avoid giving the body weight to the left foot. See me again, if anything goes wrong--if the  swelling continues,bruises appears, if there will be extreme pain. 

Don't forget to drink milk. " 

Then, I asked, Is strawberry milk acceptable? He laughed. And said yes. =)

I should take more care next time.

love, now and always,

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