Monday, August 30, 2010

Will be spending more time with B…

Baby? Babe?

Nope… with BOOKS.

In one of my previous entry, I mentioned that as a Filipino citizen I dream to study in the University of the Philippines. Out of the hundreds, I think, that applied--I’m one of the 41 MDC students that passed.

Call me lucky? No. I worked on this to pass. I choose the best references for my application. I went through the essay I submitted a hundred times to achieve perfection. And as crazy as this may sound, I answered my application form like taking an UPCAT.

Here’s the e-mail I got:

Here’s the list of the passers:

I’m excited for grad school, especially now that it’s UP. I’ll study hard and live only to one goddamn motto: “KEEP MY EYE ON THE PRIZE.”

love, now and always,

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