Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Perfect World

What is a perfect world? If I’m not perfect, how would I know? BTW, what does perfect mean?

entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings

in one word... God.

If there are no perfect people, how would I know a perfect world exist?

But there are people who they think themselves perfect. Yes perfect. I should ask them.

I wonder what they’ll say…

Perfect Man: A perfect world is a place where you live with the perfect woman at your side building and creating a perfect family.

Perfect Boss: A perfect world is a perfect workplace with a perfect team working together, with a perfect salary and perfect job.

Perfect Teacher: A perfect world is being able to give every student the education they need to live their life perfectly.

 Perfect Nun: A perfect world is a world of peace and love

Perfect Priest: A perfect world is a world without sin.

Perfect Her: It’s being able to find the perfect man

Perfect Him: It is loving the imperfect girl perfectly

Me: It’s never a perfect world without the person perfect for me.

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