Thursday, August 26, 2010


We rarely have cakes in celebrations, events and festivities when I was a kid. What we always have during special occasions are either: Goldilocks' Mamon or Ensaymada. It feels weird because, even during birthdays, they stuck the candle on top of the Mamon when we can all feast with a more glamorous sweet cake.

Like all kids, I desire the sweet taste of icing and sugar candy flowers on a birthday, anniversary, or whatever cake. But whenever I ask Mom to buy one, even the "cakes rolls" would do, she would always tell me that the Mamon and Ensaymada is just perfect for ALL of US.

We even came to an intense mom-daughter debate over it. But again and again she would just say, "the Mamon and Ensaymada is just perfect for ALL." However, whenever a celebration come, I would still ask her over and over to buy one.

When Mom finally lost her temper over me, she finally spilled the reason why we don't buy sweet cakes:

Mom: Your lolo can't eat cake.
Me: Why?
Mom: He has diabetes.
Me: And what is that?
Mom: In simple words... if he eats food with too much sugar, he would die.
Me: Really?
Mom: Yes.
Me: But how come when I ask him to finish the lolipop I don't like he eats it?
Mom: Because he loves you.

After Mom explained everything, I never demanded for a cake. When my Lolo died, cakes always graced every celebration.

Quite a big CHANGE for every celebration, not because there's a sweet cake for us to share, but because Lolo isn't a part of it anymore.

PS: If only sugar less and sugar free Goldilocks' products were invented back then, I could've shared a bite with my lolo.

love, now and always,

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