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Smelling Salt Sequel

Entering movie houses before the show starts gives you A+ updates for next movies to hit the big screens. For awhile, we’ve been seeing the trailer of a blond Angelina Jolie questioning a defector who accuses her to be Russian spy.


The trailer of Salt itself lures viewers to look forward to seeing the entire film, especially we’ve been missing Jolie in the big screens for quite sometime now.


Evelyn Salt swore an oath to duty, honor and country as a CIA officer. She will prove her loyalty to them after a Soviet defector accuses her of being a Russian spy. Salt goes on the run, using all her skills and years of experience as a covert operative to elude capture. While Salt's tries to prove her innocence, only serve to cast doubt on her motives, as the hunt to uncover the truth behind her identity continues and the question remains: "Who is Salt?"


Having no time to spare and on a rush to make her hubby a dinner for their wedding anniversary, Evelyn Salt was called back to question a walk-in Soviet defector who spilled that Soviet developed a program to win the war by programming young children, shipping them to America, and activating them later in life.

The Soviet defector names Evelyn Salt as the Russian spy who will kill the president. As part of the S.O.P., Salt was hold for further questioning. Things would have been fine, if she weren’t freaking worried that these Russians will go after her husband. With her skills and years of experience, she was able to slip out of the building to find her hubby—puts her on the chase as instant suspect and fugitive.

As the movie progresses, it only leads watchers to be confused over and over on who really Salt is. It’s a twist, turn and never ending question of “Is this Salt--the programmed Russian spy or the CIA wanting to find the truth behind?

It’s a superb movie with heart-stopping, fast, exciting, hot, wild, suspense and smart movie. Obviously, the movie is not in any way gonna happen in reality… But who cares? That’s something what we always wanted: to cross the borders of reality and be more of what we ought to be in real life.

Skipping the other details, the ending looks like there’s a sequel to come. I’ll bet there’s a second part to this movie because it ended in away that one would want to see more. Well, who wouldn’t want hot Jolie with a gun in her hand and in her crazy stunts AGAIN?

What are you waiting for? Rush to the nearest movie theater, grab some popcorn and don’t forget SALT.


Jolie wasn’t the first choice for the lead role. Originally, in 2007, Tom Cruise was set to star! The first draft of the script followed Edwin A. Salt (a MALE) as he tried to prove his innocence of being a sleeper spy. When Cruise left the project, Jolie got her hands on the script and soon Edwin became Evelyn. The result is one of the summer’s most thrilling action movies and a new face in the pantheon of great ass-kicking female characters.


Genre: Action Thriller

Written By: Kurt Wimmer

Directed by: Philip Noyce


Angelina Jolie as Evelyn Salt

Liev Schreiber as Ted Winter

Chiwetel Ejiofor as Peabody

Yara Shahidi as Cleo

Zoe Lister-Jones

Daniel Olbrychski

Gaius Charles

Victor Slezak

Corey Stoll

Ratings: Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action.

Running Time: 100 min

Language: English


  • Revealing mistakes: In one shot, a SWAT officer can be seen holding a Colt Model 933 carbine fitted with an EOTech red dot sight, the sight being mounted backwards on the weapon.
  • Continuity: When Salt walks into the holding room to interrogate Orlov, she places a black plastic ashtray containing a pack of cigarettes on the corner of the table. It stays there throughout several following scenes, but has vanished when she's in the room alone.
  • Continuity: When Evelyn is climbing on the outside of the building, in some shots her dog's head is visible sticking out of her backpack. In other shots the backpack is zipped up tight.

  • Continuity: Salt packs her backpack with bomb goods, spider venom, etc. She eventually gets captured, when the backpack and the goods would have been confiscated, but after having escaped capture she uses those items while on her mission.
  • Errors in geography: In one of the Washington DC scenes, Salt is seen entering the Archives/Navy Memorial Metro station, and emerging from the L'Enfant Plaza station, without ever boarding a train.
  • Continuity: When Evelyn first goes on the run, she enters a stairwell, takes off her shoes and tosses them in the corner. The next shot shows the security camera's view. The shoes are in a different position.


[from trailer]

Evelyn Salt: What is your name?

Orlov: My name is Vassily Orlov. Today, a Russian agent will travel to New York city to kill the President. This agent is KA-12.

Evelyn Salt: The KA program is a myth.

Orlov: Don't you want to know the name?

Evelyn Salt: You're good. You can tell the rest of your story to one of my colleagues.

Orlov: The name of the agent is Evelyn Salt.

Evelyn Salt: My name is Evelyn Salt.

Orlov: Then you are a Russian spy.

"Salt" opens in all SM Cinemas and all major cinemas on July 28, 2010.

Brought to us by Columbia Pictures Philippines.

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