Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reset, regret

Its been awhile since I subscribe to a 5 days unlimited SMS service. Too bad that on the day that I subscribed to it, my phone experienced “defer sending problems.” Dunno if that’s the techie term for it, but the sure thing is that it postpones the messages I send. It still sends message but the sending takes too long. Then, it moves the message to the outbox folder and gives the forever message status: sending message.

I’ve endured it for 2 days. Actually, the solution to this phone problem is easy. I’ve know this problem before. My Nokia 5110 and 7270 had this problem a hundred times.

There are three ways to solve this:

First: Call your network hotline. Usually, they would ask what happened. Next thing they’ll tell you is to check on the SMS centre number of the phone. That brings you to the second way.

Second: Check the SMS centre number of your phone. (You can usually find this in the message settings tab of your phone.) Make sure that it’s the pre-loaded with the SMS centre of the network provider. I call this the second way, for you can easily just skip the 1st way. Yeah, you don’t have to bug some CSR to know the SMS centre. You can have it your way by finding a friend of the same network and just copy the SMS centre number from him/her. If everything else fails, precede to the third way… it always works.

Third: Reset you phone. If soft reset doesn’t work, hard reset will surely do. 

The third way works for me all the time. It’s just when I use this way, I usually forget to do some safety measures before resetting.

After enduring this sending problem for two days, I realized today that I should just reset my phone. Since it’s my first time to reset my x6(bought this last February?), I’m noob to the reset ways. Glad, internet was always a hero. I was able to find one site that tells me how to reset it and the instructions was easy: (1) Turn off your phone, (2) press the answer call, call end, camera shutter, and on/off button simultaneously, and (3) Turn off the phone – when it opens, you the phone is successfully reset.

Short and sweet instructions… huh? Yes but, sadly, it didn’t remind me of the dangers it will bring me. After I reset my phone, I realized I didn’t back up so my phone contacts and messages were all deleted.

Crazy. I have ovi at home but I’m not sure yet if it can import the sync contacts back to my phone… Let’s hope…! So the next time you’ll do something crazy with your phone(like me) make sure you are off to a back up plan….if something goes VERY wrong.

love, now and always, 

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