Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Of Half Truths and Whole Lies

I thought you got me at “Hi babe!” But I got you more.
I asked your name and obviously, what you gave isn’t your real name. I know this game. So when it’s your turn to ask, I played along—lied.
You ask me how old I am… that I answered truthfully. I am 23, you are 20. Young. 20 is young to me. 3 years younger than me is young. Right after that last question, I know it’s not my game anymore.
I tried to walk away but your hands already grabbing mine. I need to find a way to escape. “Tell me about yourself,” you asked. Not interested in knowing you at all, I told you, “I’m single but I have a kid.”
Then, in a sudden, I found myself listening to every word you say. You have a child and you still love your ex-wife. Though you corrected me a few times that she wasn’t and will never be your wife… that I don’t believe.
You say, “You value your privacy…but why are you telling me things that I shouldn’t know?”
And you told me you hate me…
Why? Coz the more you lie the more you want to tell me the truth?
Oh life. When I start to lie, people start to tell the truth.

love, now and always,

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