Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not so noob ways to know the not so unknown sender

I rarely text. The only person that I make it a point to text every-single-day is my Mom… But with other people—I don’t, it’s not a thing that suits me. I prefer receiving texts than sending out. I would rather call, send a face book message, buzz you in ym, or email than text.

As my chit-chat says in my previous blog, the “third way” deleted all my contacts on my phone. It would’ve fine if I can sync my contacts (from ovi that’s in my laptop) right away, but since I’m stuck in the office all day… I have no choice but to guess all day of who texts me.

One new message received. Who could this be? It says “good morning =)” Of course, it’s not him; I know his number (at least the last 4 digits). I need to know who texted but it would sound stupid if I’ll say, “Who you? I lost all my contacts when I reset my phone?” I don’t want to sound stupid so I thought of a way to know who texts me without going all the way to the “Who you?” text.

So what should someone do if he/she would like to know who texts him/her without asking—“Who you?”

1. Reply
Obviously, you want to know who texted so you have to start conversing. Continue replying until you know who the texter is.

2. Go with the flow of the conversation.
If the person keeps on replying, ask the same question he/she asks you. Take note of the words, events and stories the person shares for this will root you to who the texter is.

3. Guess
Address the texter with another name, a guess name. This is quite a suicide for the texter can ignore you a lifetime for this. But this can be a good bait as well… For this message can make the texter tell you his/her name… “Hey this is not ______ this is _____. Are you wrong sent or something?”

And if all else fail, just call, listen to the voice and sure you’ll see the soul behind it.

love, now and always,

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