Monday, January 04, 2010

It is Written

Welcome 2k10!

Ten years ago… piles of holiday school tasks was on my study desk. Cramming, for Monday was its deadline.

- make new years’ resolution. Check.
- Math problem solving projects. Check.
- English Writing composition. Pending.
What is it about: “Who will I be ten years from now?”

If I can see the future then…

I would have written, “I’m probably sitting. Typing my very 1st blog this year rather than… “I already graduated in college. I have a stable writing job. I’m able to support myself and repay the kindness of my parents.”

I would have written, “It’s the 1st day of work. I’m really sleepy. The holiday vibe still lingers in me. As if I never worked at all.”

I would have written, “Here I am writing my new years’ resolution… thinking, wond‘ring, praying that this time it will be resolved.”

I would have written, “Here I am developing CD-ROM activities for kids like me.”

I would have written, “Here I am… looking back at my life what I was doing the same time 10 years ago…”

2009 was a very fulfilling yet sad year.

The 1st quarter was full of job hunting.
On the 5th month, I was accepted to my very 1st office job(take note this isn’t freelance baby!)
The 5th month went easy. I love my job. My bosses are nice. I found new friendships in this company.
The 6th month was the lowest point of my year. My grandmother died. No one expected it—a cardiac arrest.
The 7th month was hard… dealing with pain and great lost. Adjusting. Work is light and easy. I love what I’m doing minus the online products sorting(me hates it).
The 8th month… sad month… my partner in work left. I was transferred to another department.
9th-10th I couldn’t remember anything remarkable at all…. Wait there's Rocky and Jamie’s 1st date. 
11th month… family gathering at the cemetery…. Halloween.
12th month- after so many years, Papa celebrated his birthday again. Then… Christmas… Then New year.

How come when I try to remember things about the previous year… there’s only two things I remember clearly… I got accepted in my very first office job and my grand mother died in this year.

Should it always be the happiest and the saddest? Should it always be like that? How about the other memoirs? How about when I smiled and felt Christmas is here again?

I would have written, “I’m probably jotting down the achievement of my previous year”

I would have written…

“Christmas and New Year was way different now than the previous years…. Ever since my grand mother died it was way different.

There’s sago, there’s gulaman. We have pastries and pasta. Lechon was on its way. The traditional menu of menudo and kaldereta is all set in the table. And for the 1st time in my life, we don’t have UBE for our Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Symbolizing something was lost and missing.

How does one make ube? I don’t know the matrix. Maybe it was made of gabi? I have no idea. I never made one.

The only story I know behind it was… when one cooks it, she should stir it every now and then… making the arms, hands and shoulder ache of endless stirring. I also know that it is very soft when it’s hot and as it cools it hardens. And, oh, it’s also topped with cheese.

My grand mother cooks it for us. Every year she cooks it the morning before Christmas Eve. To ensure its freshness… that can last until new years’ eve.

It may not be the star of our Noche Buena or Media Noche but not having it this year makes me realize it’s not the ube that’s missing… but the one that makes the ube for us.”

love, now and always,


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