Friday, December 18, 2009


A year ago, the grand mother, the 1st daughter and the 1st grand daughter went to Singapore and spent their summer vacation there.

Basically, to bond. All three didn’t know each other.
What was one like to live with the other in one roof?
In a place only the three knows each other.
They lived there for more than 100 days.

Think 100 days is not enough to know one?
Think 100 days won’t unclothe the layers of the heart?
Think it wouldn’t burn an everlasting love?

Think twice…. It would.
Think again.
It will go beyond.

It’s cold.
I gazed at the trees nearby
Only to find out that none was moving.

Could it be you?
I know I was at fault.

But don’t ever think that I was too busy to remember you.

“Siguro nagtatampo ka na naman sakin! Pero di ba sinabi ko naman sayo na simula nung umalis ka na… nahihirapan na kong umuwi ulit sa Bulacan? Nasasaktan ako… ayokong makita yung bahay na walang tao… na wala ka.”

I’m sorry.
But is it you?

Is it your arms embracing me?
Is it you telling me to slow down?
Are you telling me to go back to school?
Are you asking me to return the lit books I borrowed from you?

Is it you?

Almostly believing it’s really you…
A bunch of kids started to sing their carols.
Realizing the coldness come from December air.

love, now and always,


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