Friday, November 06, 2009

Ragnarok Online Love Story / R.O.L.S. (2009)

Directed By: Shobert Hallig

Story and Screenplay By: Jamie Meneses

Produced By: RBERS PRODUCTION (Ragnaboard’ers Production)


Karen Gamilla as Ella

Toru Takahashi as Mark

Raysoul as Carlo

Joshua Tsuchiya as Edward

Rockstar as Manong

Gladz as Angel

Kween as Kat

Release Date:

October 26, 2009 (Philippines)


Comedy | Fantasy | Romance | Action


Miles apart with the greatest feeling of togetherness, United we Play!


R.O.L.S. centers around the life of Ella (Karen Gamilla) and how her life changed when her boyfriend Mark (Toru Takahashi) went to the city to study. Ella is afraid of having this long distance relationship but Mark told her that this is all for their future and guaranteed her that they’ll still have Quality Time in Ragnarok, the MMORPG they both play.

When Mark left their province a lot of guys suddenly took his spotlight. Will Ella allow these guys to totally get Marks’ spot in her heart?


Our official entry to LU Live 2009 Filmfest happening on Nov 7 and 8. Please come onLU Live to watch it in the big screen!!! Support us guys. ROK ON!!!

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