Saturday, September 05, 2009

Tossing Between Tellphones: From wishing, to owning, to losing, to finding it again, to buying, to trading, to selling.

How many have you had in your life?

I'm not a cellphone freak. I don't text all the time(except if i have a bf), it takes time for me to realize a new message was there for me, when someone calls I cancel it and txtbacks i'm lowbat,
It all started when Rose Ann Ilagan brought her mom's cellphone in our Grade School field trip... Since then, I always wanted the hottest phone in my hand.

1. nokia 5110-
History: This is my very 1st cellphone that was handed over by my tito to mom, then to my brother, and then to me finally.
Color: red, but the housing is changeable
Price: 5k
2. nokia 8250
History: This was given to me by my tito pogs and tita irma as a gift for being a good girl at school.
Color: Silver, but with blue backlights
Price: 12.5k
3. nokia 8310
History: when I sold my nokia 8250 to kuya ronron, I upgraded my phone to this. It was one of the hottest phones back then... but i lost this phone in a tricycle on my way back home.
Color: blue and white
Price: 15k

4. Motorola V.Box
History: I bought this phone just for a quick replacement for my lost cellphone. I bought this without the knowldge of my mom. But I later on sold it for upgrades.
Color: Blue
Price: 2.5k

5. Nokia 5210
History: I bought this phone to upgrade but sold it too later on.
Color: Blue
Price: 5k

6. Nokia 7210
History: After losing a cellphone, my parents bought me a new one again(they didn't know I have other phones to use all along). It was my very 1st phone with a camera and colors... the sad thing about this phone is that I lost it. I lost it again in a tricycle.
Color: Metallic green
Price: 18k

7. Nokia 6110
History: Mom feared to buy me a new phone again so what she did was hand over her old phone... The phone is black and white but slim. It's a business phone back then. It looks elegant but not hip. I don't like it, but of no choice, i used it.
Color: black and silver
Price: not sure

8. Nokia 8210
History: This is originally used by my yaya but when she saw my ugly 6110 cellphone, she volunteered to exchange cellphones with me. Thinking that her phone was hipper than mine, I swapped.
Color: blue, sometimes red... it has a lot of housing.
Price: traded, prolly 8k that time

9. Nokia 7270
History: This phone is very expensive... but so worth it for it accompanied me throughout my college years. It's my longest working phone(I know whoever the owner is now it is still working). It's a flip top, has the best cam that time and is very very cute.
Color: Black and Silver
Price: 25k

10. Motorola v3
History: Bought this when I was able to sell my SGH in RO for 5k. This is a pink fashion phone. ^_^
Color: strong pink
Price: 4.5k that time

11. China Phone n38
History: For the sake of having a TV and touch screen, I bought this phone. Thought it was cool, well, for a time it looked cool but it still is CHINA. and it sucked a year after it broke down. Glad that was able to sell it before it shut downed forever.
color: silver
Price: 8k (expensive for a china?)

History: Dad gave this to me as a gift before I left to Singapore. This is my dream phone not until Iphone came. It is my most important phone. It's very expensive. very. But it so worth it. Has a pull of qwerty keyboard, 3g, 2 cams, touch screen, windows mobile... it's a to die for.
Color: black but I'll gmask it later
Price: 56k almost 2 years ago!

13. Nokia n80
History: For the huger of buying a new phone, i impulsed-ly bought this phone. For two reasons: it looks cute and the housing can be changed to pink. Sold it after realizing its hanging back drops...
Color: originally silver, but changed to pink!
Price: 5k

14. My Phone s22 duo
History: This was one of the hottest phone when the double active sim we at its peak. Bought this ride the trend, but I later on realized that double sims aren't worth it at all. This one just suck. Sold it to be able to pay mom for the n80.
Color: Black, shiny
Price: 8k

15. Mini Iphone
History: Once a funny time, I was browsing the internet and found this very cute, very pink phone. Bought it the next day I saw it. After 2 months using it, it started suiciding. Turning of and taking awhile to on.... I sold it for a good cause of paying mom for her n80.
color: pink
Price: 4.5k

16. Nokia n82
History: This is my mothers phone. Convinced her to sell it to be bargain for its 5MP quality. Super phone, really cute, can be personalized... can keep 3k msgs. I love it. I'm never gonna sell it. swear!
Color: silver, but gmasked to pink
Price: mom bought it 25k, brand new!

17. Samsung SGH e590
History: Bought this for the lamest reason... I was in SM Manila to meet with my brother when my n82 lost its battery. Bought a battery, but fell in love with this phone and didn't resist buying it. It was a cute phone... really small, smaller than a call card. its way better than a china phone. But it's not a girl's phone... definately not for me.
Color: noble black (that's how its written in the box)
Price: 4.5k

18. iPhone
History: 2 yrs ago when I still live in the US, my tito told me to buy this phone already because he has this premonition that later on I will also buy the same phone. And 2 years after, he was right. Gawd.
I really saved a lot for this phone... Actually, I stopped shopping for 2 months to save up... even searched two more 'raket jobs' to succesfully bought it... but the saving up and the job freaky time is all worth it... my shining shimmering iphone is now in my hands. I heart you iphone xo xo much!

UPDATE: (March 27, 2011)
19. Nokia X6
The iPhone I bought was damaged. Bought it, used it for awhile then sold it. So... I bought another touch phone, a nokia x6. Bought it for the sake of having a decent touch phone and it has pink lines too! :D
Price: 18.5k

Color: Pink/Black

20. Hello Kitty X6
Because I'm not used to having only one phone anymore, I bought another phone after selling all my other phones (except the Nokia, though). This ones' a dual sim, hello kitty and pink. Love it. But sold it after using it because it's China made.
Price: 3k

Color: Pink

21. Cherry Mobile x90
Here's a funny story behind this. Bought this because I saw a movie of Kim and she have the same phone(the white one). After selling my kitty phone, I bought this. It's so pretty! Pink, Fab, unique. And on top of that, CHEAP(for its looks).
Price: 4k
Color: Pink

22. HTC Desire HD
I really swore that I won't buy any phone and wait for iPhone 5, after not being able to buy the iPhone 4 last December. But when someone stole my phone, I decided to buy this. It's dual touch, 8mp cam,  gorgeous black, large touch screen, with flash... what else do I need?
Price: 25k
Color: Black

love, now and always,

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