Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The first day of ber

September 1, 2009. Christmas is nearing. Another year is passing by… What happened this year? Its highlights? Is there something to remember or I chose to forget it all away?

Finally, got a job, an office/everyday writing job away from freelance. And I’m losing it. How come when a dream comes true, someone’s dream gone out of the blue?

Finally, V and I had our 5 yrs in the making story… but ended in a snap.

I’m single. Still. And counting 5 months now.

I’m waiting. Yes I’m waiting for you army, comeback for me.

Hearing the song, “Last Christmas I gave you my heart.” Crazy. I’m not in love last Christmas. I was single.

How many times have I said single in this blog entry? 3? What is happening now? I am getting used to the single word. I am typing it now with no scratch in my heart. Could it be that I am happily accepting that I am single now right? Could it be that my plan of being like my Aunt who thinks differently will now come to life? As in am I, myself, ready to be forever I? Me? Single?

I still don’t know. Why talk about singleness in the 1st day of the ber months? I don’t know too. Will consult a psychiatrist later.

Ok for the serious sense-ly stuff. …

I love ber months. For it gives me the notion of a new chance. A new hope. A new beginning for the coming year. It gives me life, a chance, a comeback. It makes me feel that there is life no matter how nega the previous year was.

It also gives me the chance to be able to eat Bibingka. Seriously, its one of the worlds most delicious food—for me.

I’m also excited about how cool the breeze would be now.

I love sun. I’m solar girl. I love the night. I love cold weather. I love tagaytay, baguio, US. I hate carrots with no reason at all. I just created that I was allergic to it so no one can ever force me eat it ^_^

When will the time that I will love and hate again? When?

love, now and always,

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