Tuesday, September 22, 2009

18 days before midnight

“Pake ko ba sa kanila kung hindi nila ko i-renew!” – mia

That was me in my bitchy side while talking to my equally bitch Aunt.

Five months ago, I was this girl looking for a primetime job. When I say primetime, I mean a job that would be everyday and that would give me enough experience to make my resume even more credible. An office working job.

Lucky, I was accepted as VPHI’s copy writer. What I do is make copies for the company, do press release to deploy, articles and news. It was not a hard job… news writing was way harder.

But months after I was moved to another department—Multimedia. This present department is very different from my CW world. Jobs here fall massive and/or passive. Either you have a job or none at all. You come to work everyday expecting work load but nothing lands on you. To kill boredom choose whether you blog, facebook, chat, or go to the other department and beg for job. Not that I didn’t like here in multimedia but a lot of my time is wasted here. I don’t make the most of my time… I feel so unproductive… and sleeping was even more productive than to stay here, you just let time pass and wait for game over.

Today, September 22, 2009, marks the last 18 days before my contract ends with Vibal. Honestly, I don’t want to leave Vibal… for three reasons: (1) my friends, (2) the experience it will mark my resume and (3) the 13th month pay. Being kicked out here would make me sad for awhile but its something I can shrug off in less time.

I know fate has plans for me. To stay or not to is up to you up there… I would love to stay but if this isn’t the right road for me… I don’t want to walk on further. Rather, I’d like to grab the turn ASAP.

I will miss the people I worked with here…my companions turned friends, my advisers turned sisters and my bosses’ like my parents. I always thought that working in a company would be very different… I never thought that working is just like a continuation of school, like a next home…. That becomes so close to the heart.

love, now and always,


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