Thursday, August 13, 2009

You have one new message

You have one new message
And so the news broke down that I’m going back to E-learning. Yes, the department that welcomed me in my fresh days in Vibal is taking me back. I would love to be back. I’m happy to be back but there’s something that is confusing my mind…. I mean a lotta things.
The 1st mind boggle would be why am I going back there? When our department is already settled here.
The 2nd is why are they looking for someone to replace me? My contract expires on October. Hmmm…
The 3rd is someone spilled that they are transferring me to the e-learning department. Why?
The 4th is if ever I will be transferred to that department, it wouldn’t be fair if I will do the same stuffs that people there do—“the so called boring stuff.”
I am a pure blooded writer, born not made. I often say that more than a talent, writing is a curse to me—something that no matter how I dust off still stays.
How do I write?
In my blog, I try my best to write and sound poetically.
In broadsheets, I write straight news.
In magazines, I write news features.
In my present work, I write for the company.
But if I will be doing something else than writing that would be very hard for me.
Writing in my life is like some ex-boyfriend that broke my heart that no one can ever take the pain away. It’s like family—like a mom’s unconditional love. Like the sky beneath its stars. Like a plant needing the sun to grow. Like a planet orbiting around its sun. Like a magnet. Like how a man needs a woman. Like love. My one true love.
love, now and always,


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