Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reaching Destinations.

Where do I head now? Straight ahead? Turn right? turn left? No reverse...

I'm not friendly and if not to Ragnarok, I wouldn't have friends more than the 10 fingers of my both hands. But now is the right time to quit.

Yes, I am quitting to play Ragnarok.

For 6 years, Ragnarok have been my best companion. If I will sum up the time I played RO, I know that it will be more than the time I spend with my mother, more than the times I've gimmiked at night and even more than I've dated someone... IN MY WHOLE LIFE.

I would stay at home and play all I want and not worry what happens outside. Time will pass that I just stare at the computer and just play.... But all these are gone now.

This decision is very hard but I already made up my mind. It's like drinking coke in your life and then suddenly changing into tea. Like loving pink then forced to be green. Like living in Alaska transferred to Dubai.

There's a lot of things that I considered before this decision...
Like the uncontrollable money I spent in-game, the so much time I waste, the friends I won't be able to playing with, and so on and so forth.

Everything ends for a reason and so as my RO life. I thought I will never reach this destination... But looks like my stop is here. I'm getting off the train of Ragnarok Online. I'm throwing my gate pass and I'm not coming back.

I am fully locking my account now(thanks to my LU SIM). I hope I can auction my IN GAME stuffs next year and I hope to give all the profit to the rail children of Algeciras.

Thanks Ragnarok Online.
Thanks for the memories.
Thank you for the ragnaroking friendship.

I will miss you all!

This is not plain quitting.
I call it quitting for a cause. :)

love, now and always,

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