Tuesday, August 04, 2009

One Miss Call

The Vibrato is screaming.
I wasn’t any near to answer your call.
I wasn’t any near to fall. Pit fall.
I missed one call and it’s your call…
It shouldn’t have happened if I was waiting for you all along.
Should have diverted it if I never really liked you call—but I do, sometimes.
How did that happened?
Left my phone at home. Went out with friends.
Didn’t tell you where I was, who I’m with, what I’ll do—for one damn simple reason, “I forget about you, us, ours.
Recited 5,000 times this promise (before):
Find time. Give time. Our time.
How the hell I failed?
Could it be that my mind forgets and my heart still remembers?
Could it be that my mind remembers but my heart rejects?
Could it be that my mind and heart already had forgotten?
We used to say, “Bet on me like I bet on you.”
Like be there for me like I am here for you
Like hold me like I hold you.
Like need me like I need you.
Like love me like I love you.
Like me, like you.
I missed you call--- our first and last one missed call.
Missed it. It slipped with me knowing.
Like holding a rope pulling it at first and letting it go.
I can never bring back the time of ringing. I can reply and call back but never re-call.
I’m sorry I missed it. Therefore, meant to be the last missed call.

love, now and always,

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