Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Forever

"and the next time that I will fall in love it'll be forever. "

I am a fan of Love Radio... as corny as it may sound.

I was in their station about 4/5 years ago interviewing Sexy Teri, my best friends' cousin. I also had the privileged of interviewing Monsour Betero, our "katalsik laway". And of course, mang Kadyot or Mang Pinong in real life.

I interview all three of them but chose to feature the inspirational story of Mang Pinong for my feature writing paper and it successfully boomed me a 1.25!

I was also able to meet Nicole Yala and Christsuper but they are not yet in their primes back then. Look at them now!!!

Why write about love radio all sudden?

To kill boredom on a "night with a next day-no work", I listened to the love radio. It's not my first time to listen to Papa Jack's True love Confesion. But, indeed, my first time to hear someone crying while sharing, for most of the time--its life's laughs' lessons.

The experience of the guy, alias-ly know as Patrick Garcia, is a rare case--at the least--to me. He is the one chasing the girl. His problem is too complicated. The loves another girl(lesbian). She is the mother of his child. He loves the girl so much. She just need her in times of need. Panakip Butas!

The guy can't move on to the girl.... he blames his past self for not striving for the girl, for not loving her that much. He cries every night wishing that the girl would come back. He even uttered remarkeable statements "ano bang dapat kong gawin para sumaya siya?"

But what's gone is gone. Truly life's lesson. Papa Jack ended the confesion with a wish for the guy... summarizing it ... he wished that the next girl that the guy will fall in love with would be his forever.

Linking it to my life... yeah! I really wish that the next guys is going to be forever. I've been waiting for him all my life already and there's no way that I'm gonna stop waiting...

There's a lot of Q's like...

How come it takes forever to find the love of my life? Or for him to find me?
Is that special someone worth waiting for?
How long would I wait for his love to come around?

I don't know the answer to these questions, no hints nor clues. All I know is that I'm waiting for someone now. PATIENTLY. And, he's going to be my forever. No matter how long it would be.

love, now and always,

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