Friday, August 07, 2009

Hellium and Mirayza

When we fail in our relationships, we ask ourselves what went wrong. There are times when nothing was wrong. Sometimes love just naturally fades away and this happens to people who are simply not meant for each other. I know it is difficult to comprehend why relationships suddenly take unexpected turns. But, it always happens. People we treasure are taken away from us for a reason. Sometimes we have to stop asking why and just accept our fate. If there is certainty in that end, then we should stop being bitter and just be thankful that for once, we have loved and shared our life?

Sometimes we are holding on to someone whom we think is still there but has really been long gone, or was just looking for a decent way out of your relationship. You know how men can get away with words.


There is nothing wrong in loving someone. You may be able to bear the pain when love begins to hurt. And when it hurts, you may still beable to give even more. You may be even able to love until it hurts no more. But what good does it bring you when the person you love shows no respect for what you feel and makes lame excuses for his inability to love you back. Love isn't love until you give away. But love will only have life when it is shared by two people who believe in its meaning, by people who share one goal, one commitment, and by people who are selflessly loyal to each other.

God's ways aren't always easy and painless. Some are meant to open our eyes to what we do not see. Some are meant to make us realize what we stubbornly refuse to understand. But all of them will always be meant to make us stronger and better persons. We just have to trust Him on that.
You may find your way to the farthest planet and still remember the one you love. Distance has little to do with forgetting. This healing should begin in your heart. Acceptance is the first step to recovery. Once you have learned to understand that this is where it ends then it is the only time when you will learn how to move on with life without having to stop every time you are reminded of the bitterness of the past.

Last year the Christmas gift I got from my parents is a pink fountain Pen. It’s a simple pink pen with yellow flower buds and a name Agatha Ruiz De La Prada. I never wondered who she is until today that I am writing the PLAN for my very first novel.(I’ll make a separate blog about her :P ) This will be my lucky charm, this will be my lucky pen, this will write me.

It’s a mature content novel, prolly, PG something that wouldn’t be suitable for kids. Of course it’s still a love story, for that’s where I’m best at. But I wouldn’t promise that it would be full of love—love. It will revolve around love but at the same time the conflicts of tragedy and heartaches will always be on stardom. Plus, the essence of living life will show in every chapter.
The novel is fully fictitious. I will write what flashes my imaginative mind.
The title would be a surprise. It would all in all be 23 chapters.

The main characters are Mirayza Sparks and Hellium Cowell. One is finding true love and the other, true richness. Both destined to meet each other and find the answers for what they are looking. Basically, a tragic love story.
“Mirayza wants a man to give her a child then leave her. She foundt Hellium. What will happen now if Hellium kneels down and ask her to march down the aisle? Will she say yes? Will she say no? How will she found it in her heart to love Hellium?”
It would, most probably, touch a woman’s heart than a man. More updates about this novel soon!

love, now and always,


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