Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Play. Next. Next. Shuffle. Shuffle. Shuffle.
It played the same song in 3 consecutive shuffles… is it meant to be?

My Mongol pen rolled to the side of my desk.
Tried to save its lead. It fell. It’s dead.

Should it be destiny that drawn its line why I am sitting in front of this computer, writing things you cannot understand? Or is it the tragedy that life made, to be here.

Loss. Write a poem about loss and burn the whole thing. You cannot read loss, you cannot write. You can feel.

Drink a glass of whisky. Turn red, tipsy. Open up. Confess. I love you in my most bangag way.

Cross the street. Don’t look on both sides go. If true love comes in the most unexpected way, could it be the man bumping me.

Hold my hand. I’ll hold your hand. What’s the difference? Both holds… but one lets go. I’ll hold. I won’t let go.

Take a ply. Wipe the tears away, we are happy.

Heard this song in the radio, dedicated it to you... TITLE: Beer by Itchyworms

Drove my car, imagined you by the passenger seat, singing songs with me. Miss you like crazy. Drive me crazy!!!

love, now and always,

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