Friday, July 10, 2009

Never been this GAY.

“And Mia lived happily ever after.”

That’s it? No mad Mom restricting her daughter about late dates and PDA? No Dad worried about daughter’s whereabouts?

No courtship stories of weird fun challenge—eat tuyo, eat monggo seed, “shout to world you love me!” Be here exactly 3am. Bring me mangoes from Guimaras. Let's ride this jeep. Let's walk ten thousand miles. Let's stay up till the next midnight.

If it's an instant yes, there will be no LQ stories of I’m sorry, I’m never gonna do it again, I’ll never break your heart? Give me one more chance baby? Look… you and me are meant to be!, One last chance with you? Look into my eyes and tell me you don't love me...

No sweet baby love talks of....? “I miss you baby!” “Be my pie… Cutie pie!” “Why do you love me?” “You complete me” “Hug Me” “I need you” "God has destined me to be with you"

I, personally, would want to watch love grow. There will be heartaches, there will be pain, but in the end, you'll still savour love at its best. I would rather experience love in its CRUEL-est form... Than be in love.

"Than I'm in love... the end"

I would want someone chasing me head over heels. I would want to drop you first like a hot potato then, go crawling back to you, begging I realized I love you. I would want some action, mom and dad shouting mad at their stupid lil daughter. I would wish your Mom to curse me, I would like her to disagree, just for the sake of story.

I would want our love story to be GAY. to be happy... together with its up, down, under. I wouldn't want it easy. Make-break-make is challenging. I love you then I hate you then I love you should be a habbit.

In this way, love is never tiring. Exciting. Something to look forward to. Some so constant, yet so unconstant to us.... it's ours.

love, now and always,

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