Thursday, July 30, 2009


“How many times have I told myself that I’m going to quit you only to find out that I’m two steps back?” -mia

Is there such this as a good… bye?
Is there?
I was transferred to a new room that is not so new to me.
Trying to fit in a crowd not so new to me.
Sitting with my bosses.
Crushing on the guy, loving the girl.
This is another new exciting sad thing about working. From the E-learning room of Vibal, I was transferred to the I don’t know what room is this? PRD? Corp Comm? Or to be simple… the room “in or near Sales.”
If there was a group of people that truly welcomed me here in Vibal it was them. Sir Alfred was the first person I ate lunch with here and made me so comfortable. Mar, Sol, and King, the knights of E-learning failed to give me company at first—for I was too shy to bond with boys. But when Sally—my bestest friend ever in Vibal—came, E-learning votled in 1 solid, sticky-gummy, rugbied team. Then came Kuya dong and dongkey. It was perfect… but I have to leave and go to the department I belong.
I love PRD/Corp Comm. My boss is the easiest to approach boss in Vibal, on top of that she listens and understands. My other boss, the “he”, is a major reason for a major KO. He’s totally a hands down—brain, body and beautiful (married with kids). Dunno, liked him the 1st time, I met him. He is a “no-batman” but fun joker. My partner is the Mr. Friendship of Vibal. I believe no one can ever do the things he does; he greets everyone around, smiles and charms everyone. And I never had a low toned moment with him.
E-learning is home to me and my heart rested there for awhile and changes seems so hard to swim now. I know I belong in PR and this is where life, lungs, love is. It takes time…. Takes time to fall and drown in love. But I heart both.
My partner, JR is leaving as well. And soon, I know I will too. JR’s life is planned before he entered Vibal. I started planning my life here and realized a lot of things. Lucky him… he is in two places at once: the place where he should be and the place where his heart beats. :)
love, now and always,

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