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The Last Hura...

What words made me let this feeling go...
"Ako yung masasaktan mo!"

And that made me realize how selfish I am.

I've been changing, improving and making myself head straight to the right life. Then, in one night I broke it all.

It's been awhile that I haven't smoke... probably more than 100 days.
It's been awhile that I haven't kissed someone or touch someone.

I was reserving me, my all to the "God Sent."
I am... trying so hard to be the good girl...

I started working a regular job and at the same time keeping the two rakets: 1 in gaming and 1 in Singapore. ... became a job freak.
I started saving money for the future.
It's the 1st time I Drove my car around Manila again, didn't use it for about two months now.... been renovating the QC house, got nowhere to park.

and now I'm back to scratch and zero.

Because I want to risk it all for this guy...
sad to find out that...
he is already risking it all for someone else.

Got my 1st and last date.... i dreamed for 5 yrs...
Got my 1st and last night... my 1st and last kiss...

Got and lost it.

byebye now ... i know this time i'll be able to let you go...
heart out.
love, now and always,

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