Thursday, July 02, 2009

Birthday: No Beerday

Since my grandmother died last week, I was not able to celebrate my birthday. But I was able to have a simple dinner with my Vibalicous friends.

Personally, I would like to thank them for adopting me in their department. I really belong in the PR dept but residing in the E-learning Room.

I might not have the same dept. as theirs, not relate to most of their works, I'm a burden when I start moving around from time to time, and occasionally insanely-crazily laughing with no reason... But it feels like family with them!

They are all beautiful, brilliant, and bombastic people.

From Sol, to Mar, to King, to Sally, and to Sir Alfred.

Sol is the young-kidly-Chinese-OJT from DLSU. He's a code genius(or whatever you call it but he fixes our website). He's a picture freak..... and too talented for that. I wonder could it be that he doesn't "wanna be in the picture" that he takes the pics instead? Or could it be that I'm thinking too much now. I don't know much about this kid... but whoever his GF will be in the future is a lucky one. He's cute, chinito, tall(taller than me). Most importantly, he loves to eat. He takes everything. He's conyo but he eats isaw ^_^(haven't seen him, so no proof yet). I hope he doesn't leave us after his OJT. He is my chat/honey star buddy... Hope we always stay this way together!

Mar is the quiet one. What? I don't think so... Mar usually starts our conversation when I arrive at work early. He talks... talks way more than u think he do. He is gwapo. Yes, when I say gwapo, it’s the looks that’ll melt you(and not me). He’s a java genius (or is it JAVA?) He…. Ahm… he… what more? Think, type, Jamie. Well, he’s sweet, at some point, I think it’s sweet when he opens the aircon when I cannot reach it. He shares sentiments about life that you totally forget but struck your heart a message. I think he values family. I don’t know why I think of him that way… but I know he is a good boy, close to his family and focused and obedient to our superiors. He drinks beer.... he's human.

King... I'm used to call him without the word SIR even he is second in comand here. But when Sally came, I started calling him Sir... and I think he hates it. What do I know about him? Well, he is very kind to me. Whenever I ask a favor from him he immediately helps me. He loves her girlfriend so much. He don't use his seatbelts when driving... pwede pala yun.

Sally is my bestest friend in Vibal, my bff. I love her like my own sister. Before Sally came I was so sad with my life in Vibal, I would often have lunch with myself, talk to myself, do things by myself but when she came it's like I foundt my partner in crime. I'm thankful to God for her.

Sir Alfred, was of the great people I met in Vibal. He welcomed me and made me feel at home... Of all the bosses he is my most favorite one.

Thank you everyone for spending my birthday with me, for making me feel happy even just for a time.

love, now and always,


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