Monday, June 15, 2009

The only thing I didn't like about my work...

I love my latest job...

And if I haven't told you yet, I'm currently Vibal's promo writer. It’s still a writing job, nothing’s new, nothing’s changed.

I never thought that I would be able to live and adjust to this kind of life. Actually, the first problem I encountered here is turning my life upside down. I tell you—it’s really 360 degrees of change. From my bum life of waking up—12nn and sleeping at 4am, I now sleep before 10 pm and wake up as early as 5:45am.

Could you believe it? The last time I woke up that early was, when I came back from US 2 yrs ago, because of jet log. Sounding weird, I really never thought that I’m a morning person. All along, I thought my extra powers only comes out when the moon is up, bright and shining.

But now, sunshine’s makes me feel like I am solar powered, bottom to top. Day-by-day, I’m starting to get used to my working life. I save more money now than before. I don’t have enough time shopping. My life now revolves around work and home—I wake up to go to work and go home to have a lil bit of internet, watch TV and sleep. I, honestly say, I do not shop a lot like the old times.

Working killed my social life. I spent the rest of my free time with my family. Of course, I still go out but most of the time it’s with them or I’m just alone, bonding free with myself. Prolly, this is the right time to know myself too… MORE!

There’s nothing that I didn’t like in my life right now. I’m relaxed. I’m happy. I’m single and I’m working.

Maybe, if there’s one thing I didn’t like about my work are the ACCIDENTS. The regular cuts—wounds—bloods.

Do not over react… it’s just a paper cut. Actually, no one sees a paper cuts pain. It’s only felt by its injured individual.

When borrowing books, I often cut myself.
While I turn pages, I accidentally cut myself.

I wonder why paper cut hides under the skin, feels beneath my skin…when, in fact, it’s more painful than a vaccine and a wound.
love, now and always,

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