Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The dream

When I'm still a kid, I often tell people that I would want to be a Doctor. Back then in the 1990's that is the most popular ambition of kids particularly girls, for boys, their dreams are either becoming pilot, a military or a policeman.

The childhood ambition was also rooted to the frustrations of my Grand father Juanito in his sons/daughters of being one. My mother would tell me stories how Lolo would dream of having a Doctor in the Family. Mama, that's how we call mother, will tell me funny stories of my aunts and uncles faking lolo with Doctor costumes, to make him believe they are one.

Sadly, no one came close to his dreams... Some of my aunts almost had it but still failed. Two of my aunts actually stepped into the scientific world, to being a biologist and medical technician, which both can continue further studies in medicine, but later on ventured into another career.

My childhood dream(or could it be their dream) just didn't happen. I ventured into arts. I took up an AB degree in Journalism.

I first realized that I'm in the art of writing in the last years of my elementary. When I was in grade 5, my dad bought us a personal computer. That time we have a program installed "Spider man Activity Kit," there's an option there where I can do some news coverage for Spidey. I pretend to be the broadcaster narrating Spideys adventures... Mama once saw me doing this thing and encouraged me to considered being in broadcast/mass communication.

But an early age, coming from a family of big bellies, I know that my look wouldn't look so good on cameras. So I told myself that I would do something that is closer in broadcasting.

When I was in grade 6, I joined an essay writing contest and didn't win the grand prize. And that is where I realized who, what and where would I want to be. I want to be a writer--of anything. You can name it, I can try writing poems, stories, novels, short stories, ads, erotic, drama.. anything, I can try.

Writing more than a talent given to me is a curse. I just love writing and I want to believe that I'm good at it. I may not always be perfect in my grammar but I know what to write.

And so my dream is finally confirmed. In my high school, I joined different contests and trainings for it. In my college I enrolled in a journalism school. After school, I became a correspondent in a newspaper(broadsheet), freelanced for a game company and currently working for publishing company as their promo writer.

What I like most about writing is that I can do it easily and effortless. It's the easiest thing I can do, more than eating or walking. Yes, it requires a lot of brain processing but once I start it off it comes, goes and flows on naturally.

I didn't became the medicine doctor, my family and I dreamed to be.

I'm a writer.

"Let the word have it's life and it will live." - jamie laine meneses

love, now and always,

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