Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Precious Hearts Romance: Bud Brothers

I was never a fan of ABS-CBN for a lot of reasons:
- I find their evening news boring (since Noli de Castro became senator/VP)
- Wowowee (is too money centered)
- their games shows' too corny (K.A. dressing bongga for a bingo show?)
- Afternoon shows aren't interesting at all (it would be better off sleeping)
- Their evening/prime time shows always leads out of the story flow (teleserye/novela)
- and haller?! why put a showbiz news program every "single" day...?

But since Precious Heart Romance:Bud Brothers Series started on the air, I found myself watching this show on ABS-CBN.

Day-by-day this show is top rating my heart, I just found myself wanting and waiting for episodes.

I was never a fan of its original 'pocket book'. But as I watch more episodes, I'm starting to be interested reading its original, in letters.
Right now, I'm not able to watch this show every afternoon for I'm still in the office on its airtime. What I do now is just watch its recorded episodes on YouTube.

I'm loving every episode of it. I also would like to thank http://www.youtube.com/user/itzmepw for recording this every single day. After work, I always check on
itzmepw channel to see whatever I missed from ABS-CBN.

The good thing about this YouTube channel is that it offers download links, that gives you a chance to get your own copy. So even if this YouTube channel breaks down or you forgot the link and if ever you feel the need to watch back and reminisce its episode, you can do it freely on your own.

BTW, my personal favorite team up in the series is Betchay and Wayne. Their tandem is super kilig and lovable. Plus, Mariel and Rafael are my favorite artistas as well.

love, now and always,

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