Saturday, July 26, 2008


Finally, a blog entry after getting too busy with relationships. So what’s this post all about? Nothing just a rant on how piss I am and how I hate him. Yeah, he told me he loves me and there he is doing something else first, over me. I hate him, I really do. My head’s lava hot beyond water’s boiling level already.

I just can’t figure it out… or is it me being childish again. Being immature. I don’t think so… no one devotes his time in the wee hours of the evening for something else.

Now the question is… would it be better off with someone or would it be better off with the self?

I tried the benefits of singlehood already.
I also tried keeping a somewhat-a long 2 yrs-relationship.

And what’s more to try now?

I don’t know. I’m pissed.

And maybe if your the guy/girl wanting someone to love you. Maybe you should give back love. Someone deserves someone. You cannot just wish of a perfect guy for you. You should be as well the perfect girl for him. When you want love, give it. Don’t just get all of it. If someone gives time, give it back.

Okey, I know it’s not right expecting something in return. But, you know, it’s all about thinking of someone else more than the self. If you want a long and lasting relationship, maybe you should work with him/her. She/he can’t sustain it all alone believe me.

One day he’ll/she’ll be tired and gone. You’ll just ask yourself what happened. You can’t find an answer why it ended. You can’t move on, your stuck up thinking what went wrong… you don’t know why. And you’ll think maybe she/he already found someone else, or maybe that someone just don’t love you anymore…

you won’t find clear answers. You’ll have sleepless nights… thinking. Wondering what’s lost that cannot be found. You’ll be crying tears, full or regrets… don’t feel sad about it. Life is even, your pain’s  for all the times someone cried, waited, didn’t sleep just because of you.

So are you still lost??? if still lost…

Just ask him/her maybe she’ll just tell you… you were too busy with something else that you didn’t realize I became too tired loving you and that all wanted now is to love myself—the love I gave you that you don’t deserve and that you wasn’t able to give me back.

And I bet, you’ll stop thinking, coz now it’s you that’s busted.

love, now and always, 

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