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Stained Glass Loved?
First, an accurate theme a glass
could fit next a matching window
of relationships,
a stained glass in windows
in places welcoming
strangers knowing no stages,
if not closed, if not sealed,
it allows passing air, sound and lights,
everything for together can breathe.
Held by frames that prevents
them from collapsing.
Like a window but never built for its way,
It closes walls, it lets light inside but
never allows seeing what’s outside like
us, but never minding the world
We closed, our doors locking
our hearts inside, never allowing
visitors outside to glimpse what’s in
Our contained reality.
A perfect picture at a glance
As you look closer
You’ll see it’s broken,
Forms the lies, some lines,
Patterns, pictures held together.
Painted on memories
Enhancing designs onto the glasses
Annealing coupled experience
True test through time,
withstooding and remaining substantially unbroken.
When destroyed through wars,
Could it be revived?
Is it the same glass?
When revived through desires,
Could the past be unchanged?
Is the love still the same?
Stained glass forms an art that
Narrates, illustrates, illiterates,
Those major pictorial forms our love in populace.
Glasses can be smashed and
Replace with anew.
Few remained undamaged
And stained glass dies too
But you never have to die with it,
It remains a memory
Glasses retains a century
A love surpassing all boundaries.

Love, now and always,


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