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Being Single
…Is being free
Being wild!
An endless feeling of being nasty…
Or an outrageous feeling of being naughty.
Guess who is single?
It ain’t you! ‘Coz it’s me!
Ask me why??
Yeah right, don’t be shy!
I am single coz I am, damn, afraid of commitment
And as well as, tropical and deadly enchantment.
I don’t hate guys…but I hate their mentality…
The urge and goal of them being manly
Their way on how love is proved
Their ways on how girls being forced to do such move.
Being alone is not being single
It’s not losing someone to hold and to mingle.
Because when you’re single
You have all the chance to go on and wiggle.
Friends, lovers, countrymen come and join me…
As I take away the phobia of being lonely
You don’t have to be sad
and don’t be mad
Just be like me…
I chose to be single
Coz I chose to be free
I chose to be single
Coz I chose to be me!

Love, now and always,


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