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I love thee in the way you moved
In the way you stand, in the way you grooved
I love thee thou you cannot prove
Your love for me, your love in scoop
I give thee this very eyes
Thy gentle touch, thy sweetest smile
I give thee my heart and soul
Thy heart to beat and soul to glow
I thank thee for the love I found
For the missing piece in my puzzled town
I thank thee for the air I breathe
For the pains that bleed, for the joys of seed
I share thee my very life
Until the endth and until I die
I share thee all that’s mine
The moon at night, the stars that shine
I promised to thee to be the only loved
Only craved, only sobbed
I promised thee the forever us
The forever you and the forever me
I love thee, I love you
For keeping me, for wanting me
I love thee in God’s will and ways
In God’s grace we bind, In God’s guide we love always.

Love, now and always,


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