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For My Knight
I first met you at this online game—Ragnarok
You were a knight, as popular as I seem
I was a weak priestess who just hangs out a lot
You were a guild master, a leader full of sash
I like you but I know it’s just a game
And I want to see you but only time can say
Meeting you in reality is all I want to came
But my fears are all I had today
Many days had past
Months also went so fast
My like turned into some love
Hoping you’ll someday grab
But I never told you I love you
And I know you’ll never ask
I never had the courage to tell you
I’m afraid because our friendship might turn into dust
Blame me and not my heart
For it falls for you so deep
Please! Blame my heart
For what it feels, it never speaks
I saw you finally and looked so great
My feelings grew deeper
And now that I can touch you
I know what I feel is real
I wonder if you like me
I wonder if you care
I wonder if you’re willing
To take this part and love we’ll share
But the sad part is you didn’t like me
You never cared for what I feel
You’re never willing to take the chance
To try if this love we can interfere
How can I be sure you didn’t love me?
If I never told and never ask
How can I know your feelings?
If all I do is wait for you to be the one to ask
And now I’m not going to wait anymore
I won’t keep all the “what ifs” in my mind
I’m telling you now what I really feel
I love you and that’s what I feel for real

Love, now and always,


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