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Endless sigh
Endless breathing
Endless pain
In my heart concealing
I’m close to you
But you’re far
I’m with you
Don’t care what we are
I pull you up
You pulled me down
Left me a piece
Torn in one town
I gave you life
You showed me light
But then again
There’s no room to fight
Closed my eyes
But it’s you I see
In my wildest dreams
In my fantasy
Opened my heart
You walk my way
Left this place
Where you should stay
I’m hurting now
And hurting more
Wanting you
To hurt me once more
It’s painful to us
But can’t you see
This world is perfect
If there is no pain for me
Always crying
Almost dying
Out of way
To what I’m trying
It saddens me
We’re parting ways
I let you go
But I want you to stay
I thank the Lord
You’re such a gift
You made me smile
Behind this tears
Rather keep
Than forget your mine
Rather cry
Than let me fly
Goodbye to you
Peace for me
Bid a farewell
To the ill reality
This how it’s meant
This is how should be
Losing you
The one true love for me…

Love, now and always,


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