Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Breakup Letter

[Insert name Here],

            In this life, we have to do major choices that will permanently change our lives. Mine hasn’t change since high school for I didn’t make any decision for myself... I always decide for what’s good for everybody. I’m still the same me... I never matured. I never grew. I always follow other people and not what my heart shouts out. I think I never made a choice because there is always a helping hand beside me. There is always someone who thinks for me. There is always someone who makes choices for me. There is always someone willing to take the responsibilities I must do. And in my life right now… It was you.
             You’re a very good person in and out. I thank God for you. You helped me in everyway you can. You carried my bag, cooked for me, burned a CD for me, wrote a letter for me, sang a song for me, love me, cared for me and made me stronger.  You’re such wonderful gift. With you I know there is always a helping hand to hold on to…

             You taught me many things like solving my math equations, being a good girl, and of course, how can I forget, you’re the one who taught me How to love. You made me a better person I am today. You taught me to be considerate, to control my temper, to ride jeeps, buses & LRT’s and how to walk longer…. You even taught me how to fly and to reach for my dreams. But you never taught me the harder things. It’s easy to say I love you but It’s never easy to say goodbye.

            I guess we have to be used to it now.

            We are now oceans apart, neither bridge nor telephone lines are enough to fill the space between us. We can’t fool ourselves—we can’t have unfinished fairytales waiting for happy endings. We won’t wait for our fairytales. We won’t wait for each other. No, absence does not make the heart grow fonder, absence makes the heart forget. It’s like a thief who visits us in the middle of the night to snatch what we feel for each other…

            We will be longing for each other soon… but let’s not be its prey. We have to grow. We will grow, but we will grow apart. I will come back “if” I can, but no promises will be broken for no promises will be made.

            Don’t beg me to stay… Love isn’t enough. Probably freedom and independence is…




I trust you. I know that you wont destroy your life because of me.Let everything that happened be an inspiration for a good start. I care for you and remember, Caring is greater than Loving.

I tried to send it a million times...but I just cant click the send button... 

love, now and always, 

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