Monday, February 20, 2006

Unfinished Poems

I keep looking at your photographs
I keep on writing your name
I keep believing it's love we have
But now I keep is pain

I still remember what we use to have
I still want those yesterdays
I still miss your sweet kiss caress
But what I miss is not the pain

I will reminisce with your memories
I will stay you in this heart
I will dream of us often
But the pain will always start

I want to give myself to you
I want to prove my love is true
I want to be the one for you
But want I want is not for us two…

I will try to keep myself away
From the guy I use to have
He only breaks my heart in two
He only makes me sob

Stop telling your mewhereabouts
What you’re doing now
Whether you’re breathing in or out

Don’t ever try to welcome me
To remember us
And Those faces we used to be

I don’t need you now
I wanna save myself drowning
I’m gonna try  makin up my mind
I wanna make me fine..

love, now and always, 

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