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This Day
You know I’ve been waiting for this day to finally tell you
that I really, really do endlessly love you!
I love everything and anything about you
I love your mistakes, incapacity and faults
I love your negativity as a person
I love you not only because you’re perfect
I love you most when you flawed
How you smile honestly
How you spent you’re money so easy
How your eyes meets mine
How you are when you are shy
And for all the times you cry
You’re dreams are too high like mineShe doesn’t like you!
Something’s telling me she really doesn’t
I just know that she like you not “YOU”
But I can’t do anything
I can wait but definitely not forever
My time will come and I’ll go on
So if ever you change your mind look back..
I’m here, waiting on!
Pls. look back,before I’ll go on

Love, now and always,


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