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Signing In and Out of Love

Signing In and Out of Love
When boy meets girl it’s not always that they like each other at first sight. Sometimes it takes time for them to like each other, sometimes only the boy feels a special liking for the girl and on worst times only the girl feels something special for the guy.
But what if you haven’t seen each other? Or never seen each other in reality at all? You met him online (or in the cyber space) in a chat room or online game maybe. Both of you are individuals seeking for someone to talk to and, maybe, someone to love. But you are both afraid of what world or relationship you are starting. This world might built or destroy something. This relationship might stay within the walls of this cyber world or it might go beyond it and becomes real. How can one be sure that a love in the cyber space is real? Can someone tell? Unfortunately, I’m not a love expert or a love doctor either online or offline. So, what do I know?
Well, I’ve been in the cyber world for five years. Web surfing, instant messaging, chatting, blogging, online gaming and a lot more are the activities I tried online… Name it and I’m sure, I tried it. Because of the cyber world, I have learned a lot of things about love, about signing in, signing out and maybe signing in again to love.
How does a relationship online start? Ready, get set, go! Turn on your computers, connect to the internet, register to a chat client or online game, and then, sign in. Click here, click there and welcome to the cyber world.
You PM(Personal Message) him or he PM’s you, then, the exchange of info’s about each other comes next—ASL’s(Age Sex and Location), Friendster E-adds, Photo Sharing, etc.
If he likes you, he adds you to his list or in reality, that’s when he starts to court you. He waits for you to sign in. When you just logged in, he’s the first to greet or notice you. He entertains you with different stuffs you can both do online. He feels sad when you are about to sign out. And when you’re offline, he sends sweet e-mails, romantic e-cards and messages with smileys of hugs and kisses.
He confesses his feelings and tells you that he falls deeply in love with you. But, of course, you are always reminding yourself that it’s just an online thingy and it all ends when you both sign out. But he explains that it is more than what you think it is. He says he is sincere and because you also had fallen, you decided to give love a chance.
Part of the giving of love a chance is the EB(eye-ball) or official meeting. You will both set the place, date and time of your EB. You might as well exchange cell phone numbers and tell each other what you look like or what clothes you will wear during the EB. When everything’s agreed upon mix emotions rises between the two of you. Excitement, tension, and worrying if he won’t like you or you won’t like him as much as you like each other when you’re both online. The day has finally come and you are ready to meet him and ready for whatever happens next.
It was a gift from God. He is exactly what you are waiting and praying for. To him you’re an angel sent from up above. The love is so real. Oh, what a perfect combination…
But no matter how one tries to be perfect, a relationship always has its ups and downs. The boy you loved online changes each day when you’re with him in reality. He is not anymore the guy who’s sweet, who’s cool and who’s perfect. He is just like the boyfriends you had in the past that broke your heart. And your damage control is going back online and getting back to the start of your relationship that seems so perfect.
Both of you are back in your very own cyber space. But it isn’t the same cyber world you had, it is very different now. He still waits for you to sign in but when you already logged in it’s always his time to go. He still greets you but only with the simple hi’s and hello’s. He doesn’t entertain you anymore. He feels glad when you are about to sign out. And when you’re offline, he doesn’t send e-mails, e-cards and no messages with smileys at all. It’s all gone and you’re the only one who’s signing in to love. All that’s left are pains and tears.
What will you do now? You’ll stop crying, you will immediately log in and erase all that’s connected to him; all the messages he sent to you that you saved, his sweet e-mails and e-cards stored in your e-mail’s inbox and even his name on your list.
Then, that’s when you start again. You’re signing out to the relationship you had with him. You’re ready to get over and forgive him. The mistakes are just lessons of yesterdays and you’re not keeping any grudge to him. Instead of hating him, you are now thanking him for learning with you about love—and that is when love is true, whether online or offline, it shall, it will and it can conquer all.
You are ready in signing in to a new start because you know that the pains and tears of yesterday will not lead you to the perfect person but to the one that you are both perfect for each other.

Love, now and always,


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